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Bike Tour
Trips planned are as diverse as our clientele.

Enjoy ski trips to Mammoth and other locations for winter fun.

If exotic is your desire, check out our many other trips.  For adventure, we have a trip to the Arctic and a trip to India.  Costa Rica, Rio  and ski trips are planned for the future. Kick back and enjoy the beach  in any number of our trips.

Are you planning a trip for a group? Call us and we can arrange a full package for your group.

To book any of our trips, please call us at (805) 499-SKII (7544), email or print out our Reservation Form and mail it  to us.

Reservation form can be found on each trip page.

March 7-17, 2018
Optional Ethiopian Extension - Addis Ababa
March 17 - 20, 2018
$529 for 9; lower if 10+
Ethiopian Extension itinerary

May 24 - May 28 or 29, 2018

October 1-9, 2018
Sri Lanka

March 6 - 16, 2019